This Is My _____ Song

Music you can feel

This is my ” when I feel good for no reason” song 

I love random good feelings 

This is my “drunk flirtatious, we guna be f*cking tonight” song 

Every ones giving Prince nods when this song comes on at the bar 

This is my ” watch the snow fall in the woods”  song

I am so glad I found Bonobo a couple of months ago. Whenever i listen to his work I just want to be outside enjoying the weather no matter what time of the year it is.  This song was the first I heard off his new album The North Borders I was blown away by its super chillness. 

This is my ” how it feels to trip balls in public” song

I love TNGHT this whole EP is amazing and the whole EP is full of weird trippy sounding bass music. When i listen to this song I get this feeling of being wasted out in public and walking around in a confused terrified haze. 

This is my “how I feel about life at the moment” album 

This is my “when the rage takes over” song 

This is my “when a serial killer takes me captive” song

Besides the bizarre video which I am sure will haunt my nightmares, the slow very spacey chorus is so cool.  During the first listen I really had no idea what I was getting into and all I could think of was a horror scene, but after that I just started digging the whole slow beat and weird vocals.  I really love the ending as it becomes a chaos of sound. 

This is my “lose my shit at the drop” song

I really hope I hear this live at some point in my life because I know im gunna lose my mind when that mega drop hits. Diplo never disappoints…

This is my “dance like idgaf” song

I am obsessed with this remix.  Flaxo is definitely one of my favorite at the moment.  The change up from the verse to the hook is just excellent and when those horns come in its like i’m getting ready for battle and when that beat drops…i just wanna move in odd, confusing ways.

This is my “stoned, slow mo dreams” song 

If your into chill, deep beats and you have not dipped into XXYYXX yet I would go download this whole album right now..  This guys minimal beats blow me away.

This is my “midnight drive” song 

I’m loving the vibe from this one.

This is my “deep thoughts  trap” song

I cant stop listening to this track.  Its one of those songs where you can drift off into a comfortable place and just think about nothing. R.L Grime has always been one of my favorite “trapstyle” artist but this song just takes the whole style to another level. Just sit back, close your eyes and bob your head to this.  … oh the feels